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    Collection of equipment parameter data and video of DONGFANG NAOMU fried instant noodle production line

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    Fried instant noodle production line equipment technical parameter table

    No. Model Production capacity / shift Power Steam Worker (excludes the packing section) Factory size (Length*Width)
    1 200-220 40000PCS 55KW 1.5T 2-3 people 55M*6M
    2 300-330 60000PCS 65KW 1.5T 2-3 people 65M*6M
    3 400-450 80000PCS 85KW 2T 2-3 people 70M*6M
    4 510-530 120000PCS 90KW 2.5T 2-3 people 75M*6M
    5 600-630 160000PCS 110KW 2.5T 2-3 people 80M*6M
    6 730-765 200000PCS 120KW 3T 2-3 people 85M*6M
    7 800 230000PCS 130KW 3.5T 2-3 people 90M*6M
    8 900 250000PCS 145KW 4T 2-3 people 105M*6M
    9 1000 290000PCS 150KW 4.5T 2-3 people 110M*6M
    10 1500 400000PCS 200KW 5T 2-3 people 120M*6M

    Fried instant noodle production line equipment common consultation questions


    Q: How much is the instant noodle production line?

    A: The price varies from 1 million to 10 million depending on the configuration and production capacity, and the specific should be determined according to the location and configuration.


    Q: How much space does an instant noodle production line need? How many workers will be employed? How much energy is used in production?

    A: Parameter details refer to above chart, more specific should be decided according to actual situation, can seek advice directly by telephone.


    Q: How much is the cost of instant noodles produced by the instant noodle production line?

    A: The production cost is different according to the size of the equipment and the labor situation and the specific management situation.

    Fried instant noodle production line equipment production video


    BWNFP-1500 International New-type Fried Instant Noodle Production Line - daily production of  1.8 million packages of instant noodles

    [On-site production video shooting in Indonesia factory]

    BFP-400 Fried Instant Noodle Production Line - 80000 packages of instant noodles per shift

    [On-site production video shooting in Czech Republic factory]

    BFP-200 Fried Instant Noodle Production Line - 40000 packages of instant noodles per shift

    [On-site production video shooting of customer's factory in Kenya]

    BWFP-300 Fried Instant Noodle Production Line - 60000 packages of instant noodles per shift

    [On-site production video shooting of customer's factory in Oceania]